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Adobe provides you with a rich set of software tools dedicated to photography and graphic design, as well as video editing. If you’re familiar with Adobe InDesign, the desktop publishing and typesetting application, then you have to meet Adobe InCopy.

Adobe InCopy provides a collaboration platform for teams of copywriters and editors. You can customize all aspects of the text you write, as well as track and review changes made by others. Writers can easily change the document’s layout settings in InCopy while graphic designers can continue working on the same document in InDesign without getting in the way of each other.

Before reading our Adobe InCopy review, take a look at its system requirements, limitations, setup operation, interface, and set of features. We described all you need to know about this writing software solution below.

Adobe InCopy Text Editor

After writing a draft of my article on a text editor, there’s no better thing then putting it on InCopy to see if 1) it fits 2) it’s making sense with the rest of the page. So what I like the most is being able to nicely edit my written text having, at the same time, the view of the page. A second thing would be the ability to collaborate with other teams, since I can see the pictures and layout they came up with while working on my words. A lot has changed in the software market but Adobe has manage to still make InCopy the best software experience for companies working with print options/pdfs. Review collected by and hosted on

InCopy has three viewing modes: Story mode, galley mode and layout mode. The story mode is for reading and editing text in a screen-wide view without page formatting. The galley mode displays text without page formatting but with line numbers and the same line breaks seen in the layout mode. Both galley and story views show the names of the style sheets applied to the text but do not display the actual formatting. The layout mode shows the true page design layout along with images and overset text.[5]

What Is Adobe InCopy?

Collaboration is everything! InCopy is not a massive program like Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe Audition. InCopy does a few things, but it does them very well. It allows editors and copyeditors to work on a document simultaneously with graphic designers or other professionals using Adobe InDesign without messy conflicts or the need to email changes back and forth.

So, now a copyeditor can make text changes and not interfere with the graphics department. The workflow can be seamless, and there isn’t the need to continually send versions back and forth.

InCopy also allows the user to move and work with fonts on a global scale and make documents uniform.

Key Features

  • Modernized user interface
  • Work with glyphs more easily
  • Place images into tables
  • Easy application of shading to text; includes controls for offsets and more
  • Place Gun for adding borders to tables
  • New Find Previous command
  • Shortcuts and preferences memory when you update to latest version
  • Footnote enhancements that respect text wrap
  • Color swatch folders for better swatch management
  • Drag-and-drop table editing
  • HiDPI and Retina display support in Windows
  • Adobe Typekit integration
  • Typekit font syncing
  • Quicker font searching
  • Simplified hyperlink creation
  • Different page views when editing
  • Improved copyfitting while you work
  • Save to Cloud command that makes your files available on any device
  • Recently used fonts
  • Middle Eastern language support

You Can Download it from this Link

Can I download InCopy for free?

It is possible to download InCopy for free, but you’ll only be able to access it for a seven-day trial period. If you Google “Adobe InCopy”, the top search result should be Adobe’s main InCopy page. Here, you can click on Free Trial to access the download. You’ll be given the choice of trialing InCopy alone or alongside the entire Creative Cloud software set.

If you’re a writer or editor that wants to test out Adobe’s desktop publishing software, you can do so for free by downloading a free seven-day trial. This way you can see if Adobe InCopy is the right choice for your workflow. If you cancel before the trial is up then you won’t have to pay anything. However, you can also upgrade to a paid subscription before the trial ends or even after it’s over.

Why You Might Need the Adobe InCopy Free Trial

If you work collaboratively with other professionals on text documents of different types, this is the program for you. Working within the Adobe World? You almost assuredly want to try InCopy — you can track changes so effectively and easily.

If you are starting a freelance copyediting business or just want to learn one more relatively simple program you can put on your resume, Adobe InCopy might be right for you.

You Can Use Adobe InCopy Free for 7 Days here.

Adobe is fantastic about letting people try their products for seven days with no risk. And they make it easy to cancel if you don’t want to pay for the program.

Information About Your Free Trial

  1. Adobe allows you to try InCopy as a standalone product or as part of the Creative Cloud suite of apps for 7-days for free.
  2. You must use a valid credit card to sign up, but you can cancel the trial before the seven days are over and avoid charges to your card.
  3. What’s great is that Adobe lets users have access to the full program of InCopy.
  4. It’s easy to cancel anytime.

system requirements

  • Processor: Pentium 4, AMD Athlon 64, or better CPU
  • Memory: minimum of 4 Gb RAM (16 Gb recommended)
  • Disk space: around 3.6 Gb for program installation (SSD recommended)
  • Monitor: at least 1024×768 display (1920×1080 recommended) with HiDPI display support
  • Video card: 32-bit or more powerful
  • OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7 SP1 or newer

Adobe InCopy free version

The word processor isn’t freeware, but you can evaluate its complete set of options and configuration settings during a 7-days free trial. Once this period expires, though, you have to remove Adobe InCopy from your PC unless you buy a software license. There are multiple subscription plans available for Adobe InCopy, so you can pick whatever suits you best.

InCopy alternatives

If InCopy isn’t the right software for you, there are many other options available. Microsoft Publisher is a popular and accessible piece of publishing software that can be used for writing and page layout. It can be bought individually or as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription.

An open-source option is Scribus, which is free to download for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It has a wide range of features for writing and page layout, though it does have a steep learning curve if you’re a novice

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